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origins of your personality

Just curious, thinking about your relationships with your parents and how they tried to raise you both as a young child and as you developed into a teen/young adult, does anyone have an opinion on whether or not your personality developed the way it did because of the way you were raised? In other words, do you think you are who you are solely because of the environment you grew up in, or simply because that's who you were born as, or perhaps some of both?

If you were raised in a unique household situation, such as with only one parent, or consisting of a certain number of siblings, you might make note of that. ^_^

I have yet to decide how I feel about this, as this idea just occurred to me a moment ago.

I should add that this community may or may not stray horribly from its designated "SP" topic, so if that's your sole interest, you may not be satisfied with what we end up discussing here. ^_^; Feel free to ask questions and/or start up a new topic any time.
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