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Yes, I've been thinking about something- and I wanted to know everyone's (who is still alive ) opinion on the matter!

Well, being an ISFP- sometimes I can be a bit obnoxious, hyperactive, possibly a bit annoying and not take notice. I'm so *intune* with all the senses, I don't realize I'm acting odd/or annoying to anyone else. It's like.. I'm a sponge, and I absorb all the sites, sounds, feelings others, and then I react. Sometimes I react in a way without thinking first. Like, I'll jump on someone's back, and then later realize that I violated someone's personal boundaries by doing so. I'm also quite horrible at picking up on body language, and this weekend I had a funky run with an INTP and INFJ who were sending these "I'm uncomfortable" vibes that I wasn't picking up. My sweet fellow ISFP boyfriend, who lives with the INTP (older sister), later told me he picked up on the vibes- but I didn't.

Usually if someone has a problem with me, I won't know unless that person tells me verbally.

Does anyone else here have that same problem at times?
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