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Another ISFP to add to your collection ;P

Well hi, fellow SPers.

I'm Shannon, I'm 15 and a Pisces... Woot. Oh. And... An ISFP, of course. What else? :D. Well this seems like a pretty cool community, but um, keep posting people! Lets liven up the party here ;).
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I'm so happy you joined the community!! It seems that it has sort of died, but let's make sure that doesn't happen!!

^_____^!! *huggles* Yay for ISFPs!!
another ISFP
its seems were the only s_Ps least bit interested in mbti
i think what it boils down to is, to generalize horribly, the extraverted SPs are too busy jumping off tall buildings and blowing things up and dancing on stages, and the ISTP's are too busy figuring out how their machinery/computers/world work to care about how other people work, lol.

so that leaves us, and a few NTPs.