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Yep...as always, it's up to me to save the day. *sighs a world-weary sigh* Always me, who must fulfill his duty to the world, with no room left in my life for what I want. *angsts* Yeah...that's how my angst works. Not sure if it's ISFP angst, or just my own variety. Most likely it's Introverted Feeler angst, lol. Introverted feelers being ISFPs and INFPs, according to the sources I've examined at least.

That's not a very happy topic, but maybe that's a start. Perhaps we could discuss what types of things have a negative impact upon us. Maybe we could go over the types of things that please us as well. What sorts of things make you sad or down or angry or just tired with the world? Not simply on a small scale, but perhaps on a large scale as well, things both petty and significant. What sorts of things are pleasing to you? It doesn't have to be in an emotional way, it could also be things that give you some sort of satisfaction or sense of accomplishment.

I'm curious what our few members (I count 4, currently) have to say. If there are any non-SPs lurking, feel free to drop a comment about yourself or about a member's comment or anything else. You must be a member to comment, but there's no waiting period (last I checked). You're admitted immediately, although, once again, if you cannot respect members or the rules, you will have to be removed. ^_^

I'll add my own reponse to this topic in a moment in a separate comment when I'm in the mood. :-p



If you new guys out there could introduce yourselves just a bit, we'd appreciate it. You don't have to feel obligated to give out any personal information or anything of course, but anything you'd like to tell us about yourselves, just so we know you're alive out there, would be welcome. ^__^
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