1 (rockstar1077) wrote in sps_unite,

Anyone here into socionics?


Have you guys checked this out? Here's the deal, while MBTI is great at figuring out who you are and all, but socionics supposedly takes it further and details how all the different types inter-relate. It's a cool read, anyway they say the ideal relationship is called duality, and it is one type matched with the first three letters opposite and the same on the fourth. It's supposed to be "a full pyschological complement." Anyway, I'm an ENTp and by that formula, my ideal pyschological complement is an ISFp. I've read all about ISFp's but never actually seen one in person, or talked to one. So, I'm making this post to a) start a discussion about socionics, and b) find out is ISFp's really exist. Actually, that should be b), then a) cause I'm really more interested in finding out about you ISFp's
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