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for newbies that don't read older posts

I'd like to make a note to people that are new here. This is an SP (MBTI) community run by and inhabited largely (if you can call any fraction of our small following "large") by ISFPs (at last "count", where "count" = glance). afterglowsecret (my ISFP girlfriend ^_^) and I run this community, but unless you're just being a total jerk (i.e. cursing or posting offensive material or otherwise causing trouble), we probably won't exercise any authority.

Anyhow, many of us (SPs) may post updates/comments randomly/sporadically, lol. Because we're (typically) kinda random and impulsive. So if it ever looks like the community is dead or idle, it probably isn't, but keep in mind that half the reason I'M here is just to hear what other people have to say (hence the "P" in ISFP).

BTW, if you're one of the many NTs lurking here, don't expect to suddenly be presented with a "Why SP's Act the Way They Do" essay or something. Unless one of us suddenly has the impulse to do so anyway. ;) Although if you do have SP questions, and phrase your questions in a "concrete" manner, one of us might just answer. ^_^
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