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Is anyone around here an ISTP who seems to be borderline on their S/N function? Although I technically test into the INTP side of things it seems to be my weakest function, and although I exhibit a lot of INTP behaviours I lean towards very hands-on artisan jobs in my career life. I guess I'm curious if there's people coming from the other side...
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I'm an ESFP who seems to be on the borderline of S/N. Usually S wins by about one point. I haven't really heard about anyone else who does that until now, though. I've actually been kind of curious about it, but I'm always so distracted or busy or apathetic or else I just forget, so I never asked anyone. I guess it's not really that big of a deal to me.
Pretty much every time I test, I'm S by one point. ^_^;
i have a close S and N
i usually am dominated by S with S_P spontaniaty
and the hands on deal . kinda deal but i have a intuitive burst
i am quick to catch oncepts ect, and have an abilitly to see through fog
seeing the whole as well as the details.
I'm an ISTP with a relatively weak S.

I have enjoyed programming computers in the past, but was never that good at it. I like reading philosophy and political theory, but only if I can apply it to real-world situations. Kant's moral imperative? *snore* I think I'd rather listen to some guy in a dress babble on about god.

I think my S shows through in some of the things I've done - I've always enjoyed driving things - skidoos, tractors, cars - I've gone skydiving and tidal bore rafting, I used to skateboard, BMX and now mountain bike... hiking and camping rules, anything with nature, though I'm also content to stretch out on the couch and watch a movie or two or three while I nurse a bottle of booze.

I like thinking about the future, but I've given up on planning for it. Shit just never works out the way I want it too, and I have a really strong P, meaning I never follow through on anything. Day to day, basically, and I hate it.

Yeah, I'm done for now.
At first I would test as INTP but apparently my S/N function is like 50/50 (I test 60% N/ 40% S sometimes and other times 60%S/ 40% N.) Interesting I thought. I'm mostly the risk taking, action and fixing things part of the ISTP deal. It's kind of funny because I can be lost in thought and day dreamy (N) and still be fully aware of what's going on around me and noticing things (S). I like being on the cusp of things...the best of both worlds man.