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What does everyone here do????

Okay.. this is a question for the SP's unite group... or rather a couple of questions...

1. What does everyone here do? Do you have jobs? are you students?

2. Beyond just what you do to make a living--what are some of your favorite activities...

3. How did you find out what type you were?

To give my answers...

1) I'm currently a grad student in the History of Science Dept who is in the midst of working on my dissertation, which is on the history of coal-based synthetic fuels development in the US and Germany and tentatively titled "Turning Coal into Black Gold: Synthetic Petroleum, Politics, and the Nature of Oil."
But that's just my day job.. More importantly, I'm a step-dad in training for my life-partner's three kids...

2) Some of my favorite activities are--in no order of preference-- industrial-style crazy ass dancing (usually after some tequila), cooking, reading, sex, talking with close frineds, and procrastinating on my computer...

3) First year of grad school here in Madison, one of the othe in-coming grad students mentioned that he was an ENFP and I had no idea what that was.. so he introduced me to mbti--and I was hooked... Since then, being the INTJ that I am, I've cajoled just about everyone I can into taking the test... just because I find it fascinating and it helps me understand them better...
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